why not remove your gas and constipation very Best and important herbs Asafoetida Heeng

very best word labels real herbs and real Ayurveda and yunani home made remedies if you feel gas if you feel constipation and gas and constipation is life time problem and you don,t use chemical base medicines and you want remove your gas and constipation by real and important herbs hen you take asafetida or asafoetida like Indian name is Heeng

its very best herb for gas and constipation you take daily in your food in lunch or dinar if you use rice and lentils in your food then you can add a pinch of it in the your lentils or any foods like any types of food and any type of salad or side dish or fruit salad its very best if you use one pinch of Asafoetida powder like heeng then you find sure your gas and your constipation remove from your intestine and your Abdomen and you feel your abdomen is very light and your stomach will go in and you feel your intestine very clean in the morning daily to daily

Asafoetida powder is very best herb for constipation its work on constipation and naturally clean your abdomen or intestine very easy

asafoetida is a very bets herbs is is a natural herbs and its very important herb this herbs available India Iran Iraq Afganistan and others Country and many human use in the food items for health and digestion

in fact its very strong work on your gas and constipation It calms the heat in your stomach its work all type abdomen problem and if you have many disease and problem by gas and constipation if its a long time then he it causes many diseases like mouth and intestine sores its very common problems for gas and constipation patients Henng or Asafoetida remove your All problems herbs expert and Naturopathy provide her patient

where to get it

its available in the all word and all city easy on the food store and seeds store and herbs store and its available online shop platform

if you want take its then you Purchase any best herb company like Hamdard tibya Jhandu Himalyan and any other best herb company because this items is very demonded in the word so many type fake Asafoetida is available in the market so you sure your herbs is not fake You should buy packaged items only and from a reputed herbal company only.then its pure herbs and real Asafoetida an heeng

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