weakness after sex and legs weak and pain treat by herbs medicine and home remedies

Many people found pain in legs and weakness after sex this is very big problems in the male or young its very pain full and is stressful is stressful with them they feel from a long time very pain and weakness in the legs and pain and weakness all the body nut they confuse what is this and why but he does not Counseling any doctors or any herbs expert and any Naturopath and then he searching any type ways by social media and news Paper newspaper advertisement and they and they imagine a lot they think they have a serious illness and they fearing in

actually this is very common problem in the men and youth if we feel pain in the legs and weakness then they use real herbs and home remedies

you can take a very strong fruits like dates nuts or Khajoor this dates is very best for health and sex weakness if you feel weakness or feel legs pain then you need very important nutritious food And a lot of energy fruit is needed which can eliminate the weakness that occurs after your sex.for example big weakness in the all body or stress in the body and pain in the legs

so Dates nuts like Khajoor is a very big healthy and energetic fruits It removes the weakness from sex and its very best herbs and home remedies medicine herbs expert and Naturopathy provide Dates and nuts of all sexual weakness or weak fell after sex Date Nuts is a very healthy items in the word for body weak and weakness by sex

they have many type of energy if you use dates Nuts then you found change your body and remove weakness and it invigorates and slowly slowly your problemss remove weakness and pain in the legs after a lot of people treat this problems by this herbs foods and real herbs like ayurveda and real yunani doctor give it a high priority and use it for weakness caused by sex and her patients

where to get dates

Date available in the all word in this time you purchase by herbs store Nuts store and food store or big bazaar or you can purchase by online marketing or Shopping app

how to use

you take dates daily 5 pic to 10 pic chew it and eat it

Dates use a long time Continuous its best food for your healthy body and health

Along with this you can eat Unani’s Majoon Aarad Khurma this is a best Herbs Yunani mediciene its medicine made by Top word herbs Medicine its available herbs store or Online marketing store its very easy available on the shop app like Amazon an other app

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