sticky stool problems solve by herbs

sticky stools is a big problems in the men and omen and all human this problems is a very common and very painful many young people face this problems and its a long time problems so people always search which type herbs available in the sticky stools and What natural medicine does she have in sticky stools

best herbs for sticky stools or best home remedy for sticky stools

Dates Nuts or Khajoor its very best herbs for Home remedy Dates Nuts is a very best for this problems

Dates are proven to solve this problem its very very best and important for the digestion problems like sticky tools problems and constipation gas and week digestion problems actually if your stool sticky then you feel very bad because not pass easily and you may have to sit for a long time and the sticky toilet flushes with great difficulty the resulting your stomach doesn’t clean or fresh so its feel very bad and created a lot of problem like gas ulcers pails fistula etc and they and it affects your mind like stress anxiety and head pain or others problems

Which type role Dates Nuts work on your intestine

Actually dates have a best roots of fiber so fiber is a very best for your stool or sticky stool or bad constipation or gas when you use Dates then your intestine very clean not your stool not sticky from fist time use

Herbs expert and Naturopaths attach great importance to this and they and they give their patients All herbs doctors have considered it very important for sticky stool and constipation and gas or others intestine problems

how to use

daily 5 Dates use in the evening time with a glass clean water and you can use for a long time its a very healthy herbs and food if you take dates then you can grow your intestine energy and find a healthy liver and got rid of many diseases and got rid of Pails Fistula ulcer and other problems

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